About us

Woody's Cycles Family Hi There, I'm Woody, (AKA David Percival) the proud owner of Woody's Cycles. For 36 years (in 2020) we have remained a small personable shop with a big racing heritage. I am very proud of our great success in racing. Personally, I have been lucky enough to win a few myself. From the early days of drag racing (helps with your hole shots) to road racing production class 350 and 750 cc and finally a 250 cc Grand Prix bike, which I won a national title on in 1992. The assistance of good buddies Pete Snell, Mike Busby and Dave Dalton helped to make that national title a reality. Along the way I also picked up 2 ice race titles.

Now my feet remain firmly planted on dirt, riding my much-loved KTM's. We ride at least twice a week and at 66 years of age I have rarely felt physically better in my life.

More importantly to our customers is what we learn from racing and riding. Chassis, suspension and engine setup are all finesse components that you can only truly learn how to set up properly by riding and gathering experience.

If any of your bike needs fall into the categories of motocross, off road racing, off road riding, road racing or ice racing, please give us a call. We are pleased to be at your service.